# Consolting

# CyberSecrity

In our modern world, everyone need to keep an eye on there online Secrity for both personal and Work. Failing to do so can lead to lose of productivity at least and the lose of Data and lead to legal and Finachal Issues at worst.

# Open Source

Open Source Software is the kornor stone in which many Forchan 500 Depend on. Anyone can use Open Sourse Software for the Company and Secrity

# Linux

Many Formor Windows 7 users have been asking my on What Linux Disto to use and how to choose one. I am a long time Linux User, I have experiance making my own linux distrobutions and customizing existing linux distobutions for Workstatins and Home Meta Servers.

If you are considering Switcing to linux, I can help you with chosing a Distrobuton and Setting up the perfect Destkop for your needs and wants

# IT support

# Server mantiants and DevOPS

Do you Have a Home Meda Sever? Having Issues with running it. Don't worry, Let a Export Linux Admen and DevOps Engineer do the hard work for you.

# WordPress Support

90% of the internet is on the LAMP Stack, 78% is made in PHP and 30% is made in WordPress, which is a CMS that helps you build a LAMP Stack WebApp.

WorkPress can be hard to install and configur. If your Wordpress Site is not properly configured, it is most likely at risk of being HACKED!!

# Django Admin

Do you have a Djano Website, Are you Tired of doing all the Admin work yourself? Well How about you let a Djago Developer and OpenStack Engineer Do it for you?

# Linode Partner

As a Linode Partner I can give my customers a discont on my clients Projects

# Development

I have experiance with Web and Mobile Frameworks. I am a Full Stack Developer.

Full Stack Developers are responsible for an applications entire life and development cycle, from Front-End to Backend, DataBases and Secrity.

# Web Development

I develop applications with modern browsers in mind. PWAs, and Material Design are my personal favorit.

# Technologies

  • Vuejs
  • VuePress
  • NodeJs
  • Express.js
  • PHP
  • Python Django
  • Python Flask
  • MongoDB
  • Postgressdb
  • SQLite

# Mobile Development

I develop cross-platform mobile applications with modern methods and technologes.

# Technologies

  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • Rust
  • SDL2
  • Raylib
  • Python Kivy
  • Xamorin
  • C#
  • Firebase
  • SQLite

# Game Development

I develop cross-platform games with modern methods and technologes, that also have the classic Game Mechanics from owr favorit retro games like Civilations and Quake

# Technologies

  • Godot
  • RayLib
  • Rust
  • SDL2
  • Raylib
  • MonoGame
  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Firebase
  • SQLite