Going Pro

I have Gone Full time as a freelance developer and cyber security consultant. I have been dreaming about becoming a full time developer, developing my own SaaS, Apps and Games. Well enough dreaming, time to get to work. I am throwing myself at this, I have decided to make this my life’s purpose. I love to program, I love to learn and to build things.

Freelancing vs Building my own SaaS?

Well, Why not both. I can help people with there Website needs and cyber security concerns. I am building my privacy focused apps and building premium(Paid for) games, that do not spy on you and sell your data. I fell that all the apps these days, are a massive security risk. I am developing apps that normal people can use and that is not spyware

From a love of Code to a Career!!

I started programming as a kid, making mods to Civilization 5 and Command and Conquer. When I was in high school, I started freelancing web development with Django, and WordPress. I fell in loved it. I found it easier to work as a freelance web developer because my Autism makes it easier for me to understand computers and software systems, and there is less of a stigma being autistic, while working in tech.

I am also making my own Mobile Apps and Games. I love making apps a that just solve problems and not spy on people. All apps need data, but not every app needs your browser history, payment history and your personal beliefs. The apps that I am developing are FOSS, which means Free and Open Source Software. The Free part of FOSS is Free as in Libra, not Cost. You always pay for software, the software is either crowdfunded, premium(Pay for Downloads), Ecosystem, your you pay for user made plugins and the developer of the main app takes a cut of the sales, or data monetization. Even FOSS apps do this, free as in speech not free as in free beer.