Tech Tree - Ship Mudals

Do you like Ships? Do you like the meta game of crafting you ships and weapons? Well I got a Suprise for you! The Hive: Interstellar Despot Sim is getting a ship crafting and costumization system. This new crafting systgem will allow you to play the way you wnat.

Moduals will have interals slots, mountpoints and hardpoints. Interal slots are for subsystems like Reactors, Fual Tanks and hargo and hanger bays. Exteral hardpoints are for Sensors/Communitcatins, Weapons and Engines. Mountpoints are for adding for ship moduals.

Core Mudals

  • Ship Core
  • Ship Forward
  • Ship Aft

Ships in this update will have at leat 3 core mudals. Thes core moduals will have hardpoints that will allow sensors, weapons, and Hangers for you fightert.

Ship Cores

Ship cores contain 3 to 5 interal slots and 2 mount point and 3-4 hardpoint to mount exteral subsystems.

Advance Moduals.

  • Hangers
  • Command structors
  • Minning Systems
  • Station Constution Systems


  • Heat Sencks and Radators
  • Power Generators
  • Power Storages
  • Cargo Storage