I love FOSS, “Free and Open Source Software” because of the freedoms it gives me. I love to make art and program games and other kinks of creative works. For most software in the Creative industry, the licensing is vague and I do not like many of the companies that make the software. Open Source software like Blender and Krita, are licensed in such a way, that I know what I can and cannot do with the software and there is no vague wording at all. I own my art with FOSS, in many cases, your ownership of your work when using Adobe or AutoDesk projects, that can be call into question because of the vagueness of the licence, most of the time it is not a big deal, but when it is, it’s a never good.

I found that I am more productive using open source because I can modify it to fit my actact needs. You can not do that with any closed source software and if you are a small business, you can hire that nerd friend of yours to fix it, tweak it and fork it to make it work best for you.