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Log for March 6, 2022

Game Dev

I am building a mobile Space Shooter game for Android and Web with the Godot Game Engine. I am doing to to help me prepare for my Google Android Developer Certification. The game is a Tower Defense game from a, tactical pause mode.

The game is inspired by WingComander, and House of the Ding Sun, It is a hard sci-fi setting, no F.T.L. travel or commination but you are Trans-Human Cyborg than, can handle 10k G’s of acceleration and change your sense of time to allow for commination across the local star cluster.

Log for April 18, 2022

Database and BlockChain Dev

I started porting the Gunjs to rust. Gunjs is a decentralized graph database, using web sockets to connect different nodes in the graph on different devices. The Gunjs is a realtime database, I can use this for large scale apps and Games. I plan to use Gunjs for my game Sector Defense, and Interstellar Despot Sim.